VMAX Fitness Promotional Video

This is one of three videos created for VMAX Fitness. This video is the promotional video meant to drive people to the Vmax website. The other two videos were demonstration and instructional videos for people who purchased Vmax fitness machines.

To make the shoot come together, the following elements were put in place:

  • Location scouting: Found and secured a location that would work for demonstrating the fitness machine
  • Model / actress: Found and hired an actress / model to do product demonstrations
  • Voice over / script: Aided with the script of the video and provided voice over
  • Cameras: Used two cameras on the shoot, as we didn’t have time to do multiple takes and the model demonstrating the fitness techniques on the machine would be too tired to redo the exercises over and over
  • Slider: This added a bit of motion to the shots to bring some excitement to the video
  • Special Effects: Used some motion graphics and slid the video in and out to spice up the video
  • Audio: Found and purchased royalty-free music that would fit the mood of the piece
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