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Kick for a Cure

In December 2011, Kick for a Cure approached us at Small Biz Doer Videos to capture their annual Christmas toy drive. From that call, we have since filmed interviews with the founder and volunteers and have made videos to help raise awareness around their cause.

This was somewhat of a unique project, since there are a series of event that happen throughout the year that need to be documented and promoted. Instead of producing one video, we have decided to produce many videos for the different aspects of Kick for a Cure.

The first video is about Kick for a Cure and what they do. The second video is about Kick for a Cure’s Childhood Cancer Soccerfest held every July. We have more videos forthcoming.


For the”What We Do” video, we held interviews at a studio and chose to project pictures as the backdrop. We pieced together the interviews with photos and video footage of past events.


For the “Soccerfest” video, we used those same interviews, but instead focused on information surrounding only the soccerfest. We again used past photos to help tell the story.

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OpenRoad LEXUS GS Event

OpenRoad Auto Group puts on customer loyalty events a few times a year. This event was for LEXUS owners, where they had a chance to driver their own cars and receive training from qualified instructors on a closed course.

To make the shoot come together, the following elements were put in place:

  • Point of view camera: Used a GO PRO camera to get some point of view shots of the drivers as well as shots from the exterior of the cars
  • Interviews: Got customer testimonials, using a wireless clip on microphone
  • Audio: Found and purchased royalty-free music
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Seido-En Forest House

Seido-En Forest House is a beautiful retreat located on Salt Spring Island. For this video, Greg Lam, the Small Biz Doer, documented his stay.

This video was done in an editorial / travel show style. Scripting was completely written and voiced by Greg.

The video was made to help the viewer see what their experience at Seido-En and Salt Spring would be before they made the decision to book a place to stay at Seido-En.

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VMAX Fitness Promotional Video

This is one of three videos created for VMAX Fitness. This video is the promotional video meant to drive people to the Vmax website. The other two videos were demonstration and instructional videos for people who purchased Vmax fitness machines.

To make the shoot come together, the following elements were put in place:

  • Location scouting: Found and secured a location that would work for demonstrating the fitness machine
  • Model / actress: Found and hired an actress / model to do product demonstrations
  • Voice over / script: Aided with the script of the video and provided voice over
  • Cameras: Used two cameras on the shoot, as we didn’t have time to do multiple takes and the model demonstrating the fitness techniques on the machine would be too tired to redo the exercises over and over
  • Slider: This added a bit of motion to the shots to bring some excitement to the video
  • Special Effects: Used some motion graphics and slid the video in and out to spice up the video
  • Audio: Found and purchased royalty-free music that would fit the mood of the piece
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English Bay Batter: Baking Our Cookies and Dessert Suggestions

This first video shows the different ways you can use English Bay Batter cookie batter dough to make creative desserts.

This second video shows how easy it is to bake a fresh batch of English Bay Batter Cookies. Problem: There was a 2 week turn around needed for the project. A script needed to be finalized, location found, and staff trained to speak on camera. Use of a teleprompter was out of the question on this project, since people who are not used to teleprompters tend to stare blindly into the devices and as a viewer you can actually see their eyes scan the written words. We also had 2 people to train for two separate videos, which needed to be shot all in one day. Solution: A scouting mission was done to scope out the potential shoot locations. A suitable area was chosen and cosmetic changes were done to "dress" the set. A video coach who was part of our team helped refine the script and do coaching before the shooting session, ensuring that the on-camera talent would shine, despite never talking on camera before. On the day of the shoot, we used 2 cameras. This allowed us to pick and choose the best parts of multiple takes, so that we didn't have to do it all on one shoot. We also had our video coach guide the talent through the whole process.

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Audi Driving Experience

This shoot for OpenRoad Auto Group happened on a typical November day in Vancouver. Rain. Lots of rain. The event was the Audi Driving Experience, where drivers could learn how to do controlled stops, slaloms, hard-brake and avoid, turns, and get a hot ride in the Audi R8 super car with a professional driver! Since the day was literally a wash, a cinematic style was used for the first minute of the video to make use of the rainy images.

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OpenRoad BMW Driver Experience Day

This video was shot for the OpenRoad Auto Group. They took customers out to the BC Driving Centre and give them a driving clinic teaching handling techniques, performance driving techniques, safety techniques, and some fun! Small Biz Doer videos captured some great clips and customer testimonials.

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Ultimo Lingerie Photo Shoot – Luisana Lopilato

This shoot was done for Ultimo Lingerie with the model and actress Luisana Lopilato. There was literally 20 minutes to grab video of the model as they set up for the next part of the photo shoot. The key thing on shoots where you do have limited actual shooting time is to setup and test footage before hand, so that you can maximize your shooting time. The camera was set up, light levels balanced, and test shots taken before the model was available, all so when the model was ready, shooting could start right away. Everything is sexier slow-mo, so, slow-mo it was!

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car2go 30 second spot

Problem: car2go needed a 30 second spot to show at a Vancouver Canadians Game
Work had previously been done for car2go with a 2 and a half minute video and now they needed a snappier 30 second piece.

The piece was trimmed to 30 seconds and motion graphics was added for some extra pizzazz.

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car2go promotional video

Problem: Create a video to be shown at the press conference launch of car2go in Vancouver

  • Needed an approximately 2 minute video done in the same style as previous launch videos done in other cities
  • Integrate footage and aspects of previous videos into new video
  • Needed to have actors drive the cars in the video
  • Motion graphics to show city locations on a map were requested
  • Had a time sensitive launch to accommodate, no delays could occur
  • Required both DVD copies and a download link available for the press


  • Downloaded and converted existing footage from car2go
  • Created a round-up of potential actors for car2go to choose from and casted the talent
  • Created animated maps to show the different car2go locations and to match the car2go corporate colours
  • Shot the footage in the same week that the project was approved to ensure deadline was met and to allow time for revisions


Greg is an extremely talented videographer with an eye for the creative and practical. The shots and locations he chose for our car2go press conference video were an exact fit to our image and corporate identification needs. We needed to showcase Vancouver and how our service was a good fit with the city- Greg did exactly that.

From our initial meeting, I knew Greg got us and understood what we wanted. His planning, execution, casting, custom graphics, and editing of the video have surpassed our expectations. Casting was simple because he understood our brand and presented us with the right candidates the first time.

Greg consistently delivered quality work. We love what he did for us and will work with him in the future. I feel extremely comfortable recommending his services to anyone.

Justin MacDonald
Marketing Coordinator, Vancouver
car2go Canada Ltd

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