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English Bay Batter: Baking Our Cookies and Dessert Suggestions

This first video shows the different ways you can use English Bay Batter cookie batter dough to make creative desserts.

This second video shows how easy it is to bake a fresh batch of English Bay Batter Cookies. Problem: There was a 2 week turn around needed for the project. A script needed to be finalized, location found, and staff trained to speak on camera. Use of a teleprompter was out of the question on this project, since people who are not used to teleprompters tend to stare blindly into the devices and as a viewer you can actually see their eyes scan the written words. We also had 2 people to train for two separate videos, which needed to be shot all in one day. Solution: A scouting mission was done to scope out the potential shoot locations. A suitable area was chosen and cosmetic changes were done to "dress" the set. A video coach who was part of our team helped refine the script and do coaching before the shooting session, ensuring that the on-camera talent would shine, despite never talking on camera before. On the day of the shoot, we used 2 cameras. This allowed us to pick and choose the best parts of multiple takes, so that we didn't have to do it all on one shoot. We also had our video coach guide the talent through the whole process.

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UBC Lecture

Important people only have so much time and thus a chance to hear them speak is usually a limited opportunity. With video, everyone is able to enjoy great speakers give amazing talks.

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