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VMAX Fitness Promotional Video

This is one of three videos created for VMAX Fitness. This video is the promotional video meant to drive people to the Vmax website. The other two videos were demonstration and instructional videos for people who purchased Vmax fitness machines.

To make the shoot come together, the following elements were put in place:

  • Location scouting: Found and secured a location that would work for demonstrating the fitness machine
  • Model / actress: Found and hired an actress / model to do product demonstrations
  • Voice over / script: Aided with the script of the video and provided voice over
  • Cameras: Used two cameras on the shoot, as we didn’t have time to do multiple takes and the model demonstrating the fitness techniques on the machine would be too tired to redo the exercises over and over
  • Slider: This added a bit of motion to the shots to bring some excitement to the video
  • Special Effects: Used some motion graphics and slid the video in and out to spice up the video
  • Audio: Found and purchased royalty-free music that would fit the mood of the piece
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English Bay Batter: Baking Our Cookies and Dessert Suggestions

This first video shows the different ways you can use English Bay Batter cookie batter dough to make creative desserts.

This second video shows how easy it is to bake a fresh batch of English Bay Batter Cookies. Problem: There was a 2 week turn around needed for the project. A script needed to be finalized, location found, and staff trained to speak on camera. Use of a teleprompter was out of the question on this project, since people who are not used to teleprompters tend to stare blindly into the devices and as a viewer you can actually see their eyes scan the written words. We also had 2 people to train for two separate videos, which needed to be shot all in one day. Solution: A scouting mission was done to scope out the potential shoot locations. A suitable area was chosen and cosmetic changes were done to "dress" the set. A video coach who was part of our team helped refine the script and do coaching before the shooting session, ensuring that the on-camera talent would shine, despite never talking on camera before. On the day of the shoot, we used 2 cameras. This allowed us to pick and choose the best parts of multiple takes, so that we didn't have to do it all on one shoot. We also had our video coach guide the talent through the whole process.

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go2 recipe for success video

NOTE: This video is the first 1 1/2 minutes of the entire 8 1/2 minute video.

Problem: The client needed a video that would introduce potential chefs to the Professional Cook Apprentice program in BC. The Senior Manager of Industry Training for go2 needed to be interviewed in a professional kitchen and shots of him cooking needed to be integrated into the video. The information needed to be accurate, as it was an informational video.

Solution: Since the end length of the video was approximately 10 minutes, with a lot of information to cover, two cameras were used in shooting providing a close up and a wide shot of the speaker. This was for visual interest, but its main use was to ensure that if we needed to combine two different scenes together, that the cut from one sentence to the other would be smooth.

Quick cuts of the cooking plus uses of sound effects and graphics helped spice up and add flow to the piece.

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Making Your Own Website


This video is part of a series of business howto videos put out by This is a long form educational video for people looking to start a website.

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