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Seido-En Forest House

Seido-En Forest House is a beautiful retreat located on Salt Spring Island. For this video, Greg Lam, the Small Biz Doer, documented his stay.

This video was done in an editorial / travel show style. Scripting was completely written and voiced by Greg.

The video was made to help the viewer see what their experience at Seido-En and Salt Spring would be before they made the decision to book a place to stay at Seido-En.

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What is Japan to Me?

This is a short documentary on Japan and how I see it.

Shots were taken all over Tokyo over a period of days. Timelapse was used to capture the pulse of the city.

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Documentary on Downtown Eastside Building Renovation

Problem: The Central City Mission Foundation was converting an old, decrepit hotel in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver and needed to document the massive change that occurred. The project would need to occur over the period of a year.

Solution: The first step was to get establishing shots of the building from the start. The same locations were shots several times throughout the year so that their progress could be updated an time-lapsed. In a few seconds the viewer is able to see the change that occurred over the period of a year. The renovation process started before the filming project had been approved, so to show the earliest part of the renovation process, still photos were used in place of video. The visuals had to tell a story, but the audio had to tell a story as well. A custom sound track for the video was specially created by a local studio to match the music to the visuals. Additionally, a professional narrator guided the viewer through the story.

This is the short 3 minute version of the video. The 10 minute video aired on Shaw TV.

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